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From Vama Veche with Love, Cinty Advertisements

I saw these Mad Max like vehicles for a couple of years now. I was thinking about photo documenting the phenomenon, as there are about 30 registered vehicles of this kind around the village where reside their inventor, Mr. Nidu. when the Discovery shorts competition came up and some work colleagues asked me fot help […]



the solar panels on the roof provide enough energy for 48h of party (loads of stuff plugged in). not bad, ha?!! on the porch: Kacy & Marius, the heart & soul of Planet Jam. Kacy draw the home and Marius brought a piano up a very steep hill, with a cart carried by an ox. […]

From Stoenesti With Love, Cinty

From (near) Bacau With (almost) Love, Cinty [The Romanian Video Postcards Series by Cinty]

From Dracones with Love, Cinty Dracones is a motorbikers club in Piatra-Neamt, Romania. Shot during a Plant Jam live concert visuals by Cinty [The Romanian Video Postcards Series by Cinty]