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In Colombia more than 10,000 indigenous people march in protest against President Alvaro Uribe. They are protesting the militarization of their lands, the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas, and continuing state and paramilitary violence against their communities which has led to at least 24 assassinations since early September.

The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy – Television The Drug Of A Nation

“Uneori e nevoie de un simplu pretext pentru a declansa un intreg mecanism creativ”, este tot ce spune Diana despre aceasta expozitie. Eu spun mai multe pentru ca imi place sa vorbesc mult, dar si pentru ca am urmarit evolutia acestui proiect “din fasa”. Selling an Exercise este o expozitie de o saptamana: de miercuri […]

was a real pleasure having you around! Alexis Fortier Gauthier is part of Muvmedia, a documentary filmmakers competition broadcasted on TV5, as well as online on the Muvmedia website . Each week he needs to travel, find accommodation, document, shoot and edit a 3.30min – 3.45min documentary within a precise dead line. For 3 months… […]