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last night after the tricky concert i needed something to cool down as i was terribly annoyed by tricky’s lousy performance & the shitty organization (bodyguards forcing the people to take back their places on chairs once they were raising to dance is only one of the things…) so i watched the documentary Maradona by […]

i think that’s pretty cool & probably an efficient way to attract attention on the protest against car culture: “The World Naked Bike Ride, the world’s biggest public naked event. Thirty cities across the world will be participating. Come protest car culture and have some fun at the same time.”

welcoming home perfect strangers 😀 this time they’ve got some money out of this action, as Absolut Vodka branded the video with this action. More about the welcome back action on the ImprovEverywhere website. Some other ImproveEverywhere actions I’ve features on my blog: my all time fave, Frozen Grand Central, the Human Mirror and the […]

Last night 2 friends of mine from Sibiu paid me a visit. Jaffar and Pushoc came to Bucharest, as usual, for a job: they’re building a kicker for some offroad demonstration. I have to say, the Sibiu crew is the best when it comes to anything related to alternative sports: from building kickers, rails or […]

It’s quite usual for me to feel like I’m on fast forward. Today this feeling was very powerfull though, so I remembered this song and its video, one of my all time faves 🙂

Blanoz launches its first music video: “Jumatate tu, jumatate nu” (sort of “half you, half no” would be the translation in English :p) organizing a live concert at Suburbia club. Check their video, it’s cool! Guests: Zuza Boys Soundsystem short notice, i was announced about this gig only 2 days ago. have fun!