my bucharest in autumn


carmen was involved in a car & bike accident.
she wasn’t the one driving the 4×4. huh…
heavy times for the bicycle users, as i’ve been hearing & reading a lot from another friend of mine: runbaby.

proposing the chef some organic food
organic food is a topic for some of us…
so iuliana proposed it to the first chef we encountered 🙂

again, it seems that the gypsies are the only ones involved into any recycling action in Bucharest

short lunch & reading brake between shots
“the glamorama shot” 🙂 in between shooting a video

iuliana performing what i like calling an “interventional choreography” in the city center

in style
interesting style spotted at a 45-50 y.o. lady

all in all bucharest is a everyday spectacle
which is worth taking part at.
but beware of the drivers, they might ruin your joy of life!


One Response to “my bucharest in autumn”

  1. eh, ne strecuram si noi cum putem prin acest Ev Mediu al manierelor soferesti 🙂

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