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made me a real impression as it was total disruption from bucharest. as no one is in a hurry there, all is cool, you can’t feel lost or alone you can’t feel haressed and there’s always something going on. therefore, i had some really busy days in brussels. i left on feb 3rd and i […]

Now that you’ve got more details on Eclectique Telescope, as well as different places to virtually meet us [youtube, myspace as well as facebook – become a fan!], you should move your ass out of your sofa this Sunday, Feb 22nd [despite the weather!] for Juggling Culture Party 3 in Suburbia. To juggle, dance, party, […]

I was mentioning, in an earlier post, about my newest video installation called Eclectique Telescope. Well, it did happen, Sandra and I presented it for the first time in front of a public at 7 Arte, last Sunday, Feb 15th. It was really really great. I had lots of fun, much more than during other […]

starting with 8pm for more information check the photographs taken during the premiere & theater critic Mihaela Michailov’s review

ahhh… i love it! funny video as well 🙂 big up peter bjorn & john

7 Arte


_______________COMUNICARE PRIN ARTA_____________ Ora 7 Ziua 7 Saptamana 7 MUZICA , DANS , INSTALATII , FOTOGRAFIE , FILM , DESEN , WORKSHOP HANDMADE Hai si tu la o plimbare prin Bucuresti Duminica 15 februarie incepand cu 7 dimineata, matinal sau intarziat, imblanit si-mpachetat in cinci locatii familiare : SUBURBIA , GOBLIN , COOLCAT , TRAIAN42 […]

I’m back in Bucharest from Brussels & Amsterdam [in a later post I’ll get to that too] and I need to get ready for an intense period: tomorrow [Thu, Feb 12th] I’m VJ-ing with Brum Conspiracy, than I need to rehearse & shot some for the Concretii theater play – the show will take place […]