[today’s soundtrack] Monkey Bee & coming back thoughts


I’m back in Bucharest from Brussels & Amsterdam [in a later post I’ll get to that too] and I need to get ready for an intense period: tomorrow [Thu, Feb 12th] I’m VJ-ing with Brum Conspiracy, than I need to rehearse & shot some for the Concretii theater play – the show will take place on Feb 16th & Feb 17th [than again in March]. The great news about Concretii is that we’ll go this spring in Arad for a theater festival. Yeah! Also I gotta get back to the installation I prepare together with Sandra under the name of Eclectique Telescope. Moreover 7 Arte Festival seems to happen quite fast and I need to figure out what is the space and what I can do there…

Until than here’s something that caught my attention. Enjoy!

Jamie Hewlett, the visual mastermind behind Gorillaz and “Tank Girl”, has crafted a live-action masterpiece to accompany the first single from the massively ambitious “Monkey: Journey To The West”. The album, a collaboration with Damon Albarn, is out now on XL Recordings.


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