Eclectique Telescope @ Juggling Culture Party 3


Now that you’ve got more details on Eclectique Telescope, as well as different places to virtually meet us [youtube, myspace as well as facebook – become a fan!], you should move your ass out of your sofa this Sunday, Feb 22nd [despite the weather!] for Juggling Culture Party 3 in Suburbia. To juggle, dance, party, meet new friendly folks, and so on…

Eclectique Telescope will be performing on Sunday at 10pm. Here’s the entire line-up:
Eclectique Telescope [my video installation w/ Sandra] @ Juggling Culture Party 3


2 Responses to “Eclectique Telescope @ Juggling Culture Party 3”

  1. 1 Mike

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  2. 2 cinty

    hope you enjoyed it and had a great day 🙂
    life has been a bit of a chaos these days, didn’t update it in long
    but stay tuned, i’m on it! cheers.

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