Eclectique Telescope on the AVmotional DVD 2009


AVmotional DVD 2009 features the most recent Romanian projects based on the relation between sound and image in the context of the electronic experimental music, multimedia, interactive art and VJ-ing culture.

Eclectique Telescope [Cata Vastagu, Pupila, me] on the AVmotional DVD 2009

Artists: Makunouchi Bento, Silent Strike, Paul Dersidan, Adrian Diac, Yvat, Brazda lui Novac, Dreamrec, Cote, Matze, Aaron, DJ Vasile, Bogdan, Vali Chincisan, Cinty, Mihaela Kavdanska/ mika, Minus, The Pixels, Dan Vezentan, TVCrash, Dilmana, Cougin&Aneb, Ana-Maria Huluban, weareom, Catalin Vastagu, Pupila si Agro.

My work on the AVmotional DVD 2009 is Eclectique Telescope, a project that started first as a video installation. A few months afterwards, Eclectique Telescope evolved into an experimental audio-video project, changing its profile and constitution by joining forces with music producer Cata Vastagu [i work with him also on Brum Conspiracy and he’s also a member of Bumbapa] and text writer Pupila.

The launch of the AVmotional DVD 2009 will take place on Saturday, September 26th, 21:00h
at MNAC/Mediatheque, 4th floor

Aniversarea de 5 ani a Platformei AVmotional

The evening starts with the screening of the AVmotional DVD and will continue with audio-visual performances of Romanian artists Bogdan & Cote and Flat Hero.
The main act of the event is the German artist Olaf Bender aka Byetone with his “d.o.a.t.” (Death Of A Typographer) AV project.
After-party: Bogdan and Logan

later edit: watch AVmotional DVD 2009 – show reel


2 Responses to “Eclectique Telescope on the AVmotional DVD 2009”

  1. wow, parca ieri iti recomandam, asa, en passant, sa vorbesti cu Ioan sa vezi daca nu se leaga o colaborare :). me likes very much si o sa fiu cu voi in gand sambata seara :*

  2. multu! a fost foarte buna recomandarea.
    vom bea un pahar de vin cu gandul la tine 😉

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