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gem subBufet


a shot by Nicu Ilfoveanu from the Gem Session @ subBufet DJ Vasile, Piti, Cata & Cinty. for more photographs check subBufet official 🙂 Advertisements

“100 to watch – Directory of Contemporary Romanian Artists” is launched today, October 20th in Berlin, at the Plan B Gallery. Besides the album you can check the online version of “100 to watch” Here’s how the authors of the project define “100 to watch“: “The creative scene in Romania is one of the most […]

Jam It! Jam It!

photos by Sergiu Mihaescu, taken at Brum Conspiracy‘s concert, last Friday at Traian 42. THANKS again man! Cata & Piti Cata Piti Cinty Piti Cata Cata Sergiu & Gica, our two great, amazing & breath-taking friends & photohgraphers. after Brum Conspiracy‘s concert the party was on till the morning on the bits of DJ Camil. […]

Sergiu Mihaescu is the man. I put up a small happening, an eclectic conspiracy at Green Hours including two of my projects as a VJ: Eclectique Telescope, a video installation and Brum Conspiracy, an expermiental/IDM/nu-jazz band. But we were a bit stuck with the making of a poster, so we went out in the park […]

photo courtesy by Gica/ Brum Conspiracy

photo courtesy of Gica/ chapeau, as usual! Eclectique Telescope