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Terrence McKenna was a writer, philosopher, psychonaut and ethnobotanist. He was noted for his knowledge of the use of psychedelic, plant-based entheogens, and subjects ranging from shamanism, the theoretical origins of human consciousness, and his concept of novelty theory. Advertisements

a film as old as i am. it applies to everyday life for at least 50 years now. it’s about the kalahari desert where a cola bottle brings misery to a small community of sho / bushmen / san people… if you enjoyed the first part, search for the rest on youtube.



“No matter what I do to the piece,” he says, “as long as I did something to those advertisements and that saturation, it’s political. It’s anti-media, anti–established art world” sais Poster Boy. Poster Boy, “the Matisse of subway-ad mash-ups“, is a New York City based street artist. By using a razor, Poster Boy slices up […]

“I need a Riot” is a hand painted subvertisment on liberated billboard by London based street artist, D*Face in December 2008.

Watch the film trailer, it’ll make you think a bit… the film focuses on the explosive growth of child marketing in the wake of deregulation, showing how youth marketers have used the latest advances in psychology, anthropology, and neuroscience to transform American children into one of the most powerful and profitable consumer demographics in the […]

Mon, Dec 8th starting with 8pm Tue, Dec 9th starting with 8pm Wed Dec 10th, starting with 8pm and than again in January & February 2009 Concretnye, a theater play by Vladimir Sorokin Distribution: Andreea Bibiri, Marius Damian, Katia Pascariu Video Installation: Cinty Ionescu Costumes: Carmen Secareanu Assistant Director: Bogdan Dragoi Artistic Director: Alexandru Mihaescu […]