after our first session ten days ago we’re striking back with the fairytales:
ZNE @ Control Club on Tue, Dec 1st, starting with 10 pm.

VJ-ing w/ ZNE @ control on Tue, Dec 1st

Brum Conspiracy at the concert in Control Club on Thu, November 19th
photos courtesy of Sergiu Mihaescu

brum conspiracy @ control

brum conspiracy @ control

brum conspiracy @ control

brum conspiracy @ control

brum conspiracy @ control

Brum Conspiracy @ Control

for more photos from this concert check here.

Opening act: Enemaniacs
than Brum Conspiracy
on Thursday, November 19th, starting with 10pm @ Control Club

Brum Conspiracy live @ Control Club on Nov 19th, 10pm

Poster courtesy of Matei Apostolescu aka beaucoupzero. Thanks man!

Later edit: the poster definitely worked as an instigation tool, for more details check this! mwahahaaaaaaaaaa


ZNE is an experimental electronic music project developped by jazz musicians Luiza Zan (voice, percutions) and Edi Neumann (samples, percution, sax, voice) starting from a tale with fairies.

The ZNE experiment goes further tonight, Friday the 13th (Nov) by adding a new player to the fairy game: a VJ, Cinty, that would be me and I am so excited about it! 🙂
so do come along tonight at Green Hours, starting with 9pm on our first experiment together in ZNE.

spotted somewhere along the road in eastern romania.
if not the bitch maybe the football player?! hmm…

i mean really...

always on my mind
spotted in Piatra Neamt

spotted in Bucharest