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after our first session ten days ago we’re striking back with the fairytales: ZNE @ Control Club on Tue, Dec 1st, starting with 10 pm. Advertisements

ZNE is an experimental electronic music project developped by jazz musicians Luiza Zan (voice, percutions) and Edi Neumann (samples, percution, sax, voice) starting from a tale with fairies. The ZNE experiment goes further tonight, Friday the 13th (Nov) by adding a new player to the fairy game: a VJ, Cinty, that would be me and […]

Originally uploaded by irina` Within the Romanian National Theatre Festival on Wednesday, Nov 4th & on Thursday, Nov 5th at 10pm, LUNI Theater has scheduled “The Concrete”. Its plot is simple: three young people in a futuristic Moscow go out for a night of clubbing involving repeated visits to the “Literary Archives”, virtual-reality spaces where […]

Naturally following the director’s interest in community theater, Make Room! is the expression of the revolt of a generation against an incompetent state apparatus that is indifferent to ordinary people’s problems – in this case, the serious problem of losing one’s dwelling as a result of the enforcement of the Property Law. Using as an […]

dupa o prima vizionare cu public aseara, impreuna cu restul lucrarilor de pe AVmotional DVD 2009 [thumbs up!] la MNAC , iata noua formula Eclectique Telescope: Eclectique Telescope // Inuaki, Reptilianul din Mine [AVmotional DVD 2009] Muzica: Cata vastagu [Brum Conspiracy, Bumbapa] Video: Cinty Text: Pupila Multumiri actritei Monica Sandulescu!

AVmotional DVD 2009 features the most recent Romanian projects based on the relation between sound and image in the context of the electronic experimental music, multimedia, interactive art and VJ-ing culture. Artists: Makunouchi Bento, Silent Strike, Paul Dersidan, Adrian Diac, Yvat, Brazda lui Novac, Dreamrec, Cote, Matze, Aaron, DJ Vasile, Bogdan, Vali Chincisan, Cinty, Mihaela […]

text: Cristian Lupsa photo: Cosmin Bumbut full article here