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“100 to watch – Directory of Contemporary Romanian Artists” is launched today, October 20th in Berlin, at the Plan B Gallery. Besides the album you can check the online version of “100 to watch” Here’s how the authors of the project define “100 to watch“: “The creative scene in Romania is one of the most […]

i met Laurita last summer, while she was on her way, shooting. we incidently ‘met’ on myspace as she’s also a vj and we’ve got a common thing for gypsies, so we started communicating. then she came to bucharest, on her way to bulgaria where she was meeting some of her gypsy band colleagues from […]

starting with 8pm for more information check the photographs taken during the premiere & theater critic Mihaela Michailov’s review

Dupa repetitiile din noiembrie, premiera si reprezentatiile din decembrie, CONCRETII revine la Teatrul Luni de la Green Hours: LUNI, 12 ianuarie 2009 de la 20.00h JOI, 15 ianuarie 2009 de la 20.00h “Concreţii” după Vladimir Sorokin, cu un prolog de Jiddu Krishnamurti. Regizorul piesei, Alexandru Mihăescu: “dacă în lumea de astăzi există o revenire puternică […]

last year [2007] when visting berlin i was intrigued by a collaborative artwork on a wall by graffiti artist Blu together with JR, an undercover photographer who transforms his pictures into posters and makes open space photo galleries out of the streets: this year [november 2008] Blu painted, during 2 days & 3 nights [!!!] […]

Mon, Dec 8th starting with 8pm Tue, Dec 9th starting with 8pm Wed Dec 10th, starting with 8pm and than again in January & February 2009 Concretnye, a theater play by Vladimir Sorokin Distribution: Andreea Bibiri, Marius Damian, Katia Pascariu Video Installation: Cinty Ionescu Costumes: Carmen Secareanu Assistant Director: Bogdan Dragoi Artistic Director: Alexandru Mihaescu […]