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“I wish to see the real art and meet real spirit, and to create something real with real people, and share it with every single person one to one, mostly discovering the ideas that have not been revealed or appreciated enough in this world.”- Kim Sooja Kim Sooja‘s videos and installations blur the boundaries between […]

photo courtesy of Gica/ chapeau, as usual! Eclectique Telescope

Now that you’ve got more details on Eclectique Telescope, as well as different places to virtually meet us [youtube, myspace as well as facebook – become a fan!], you should move your ass out of your sofa this Sunday, Feb 22nd [despite the weather!] for Juggling Culture Party 3 in Suburbia. To juggle, dance, party, […]



guts Originally uploaded by energeticspell that’s what you need when there’s a “Panic at the Disco” kind of situation. besides guts maybe a bit of calm & organization… that’s what i told myself before planning: – a live VJ set for an electronic music concert in Bulgaria with two great musicians that I am really […]