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One of my favorite interviews so far, while working for Sector 7 on the Amigo Chic online project, Fashion East. Marian Palie, Elle Magazine Romania fashion stylist, takes a rather subversive approach while talking about the fashion industry in Romania as well as abroad. Interview by: Gianina Corondan Shooting & Editing: La Controverse Projection: Paulixus […]

Gianina Corondan interviewed for Fashion East (online project for the coffee brand Amigo Chic while I was working for Bucharest based creative studio Sector 7) in October 2007. Interview: Paul Dunca Shooting & Editing: La Controverse Projection: Paulixus / Holopaul Concept & Production: Cinty Ionescu

Possible through a group effort: Adi Tudose, Dan Tudose, Paulixus, Cinty, Xavier [La Controverse]

Ota’s soup


Ota’s Soup


A video made in the summer of 2007 by La Controverse featuring Ota, his soup, Cinty & Logan.