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flea market in Domnesti leather manufacturer stove doors manufacturer and its palm trees 🙂 eaves manufacturer alexis in front of the troglodyte church in Corbi animals, dogs, cats, martens (!!!) are not allowed in the monastery orthodox monk in front of the troglodyte church in Corbi typical romanian old house raluca & alexis

my favorite coffee table ever, in my mom & dad’s countryside garden mom’s indications on how to switch on the light. i mean, really, how complicated can it be?! 🙂 cinty with jimmy jimmy in the back



the solar panels on the roof provide enough energy for 48h of party (loads of stuff plugged in). not bad, ha?!! on the porch: Kacy & Marius, the heart & soul of Planet Jam. Kacy draw the home and Marius brought a piano up a very steep hill, with a cart carried by an ox. […]

From Stoenesti With Love, Cinty