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we left for Park Fest in the morning and we got there after abour 7h of driving, just on time for the sound check, as our concert was programmed that night. everything went on quite smooth as the staff of Park Fest was made of friendly & fast peeps. Big up to Flowerstepper & Lennyoplasma […]

Sergiu Mihaescu is the man. I put up a small happening, an eclectic conspiracy at Green Hours including two of my projects as a VJ: Eclectique Telescope, a video installation and Brum Conspiracy, an expermiental/IDM/nu-jazz band. But we were a bit stuck with the making of a poster, so we went out in the park […]

photo courtesy by Gica/ Brum Conspiracy

photo courtesy of Gica/ chapeau, as usual! Eclectique Telescope

Face 2 Face


For a third successive day Israeli planes have launched bombing raids on Gaza and according to Palestinian officials the number of dead has risen to around 300. The conflict rose less than a week after the expiry of a six-month-long ceasefire deal with Hamas – the militant movement which controls Gaza. In these days becomes […]

last year [2007] when visting berlin i was intrigued by a collaborative artwork on a wall by graffiti artist Blu together with JR, an undercover photographer who transforms his pictures into posters and makes open space photo galleries out of the streets: this year [november 2008] Blu painted, during 2 days & 3 nights [!!!] […]

gabriel’s return Originally uploaded by stoneth …gabriel from portland sitting on the sidewalk panhandling. traveling the west coast. when he goes back to portland, figures he’ll get “some sorta mill job” ___________ …it’s 12:31 pm. march 2. 2007. it’s hard to breath sometimes as the pulse races. or do i just forget to? the subject […]