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spotted in Piatra Neamt spotted in Bucharest Advertisements

Bomb It is a street art documentary by Jon Reiss, which is now available online together with 20 original profiles of artists on Enjoy!

for more photogrpahs from Jef Aérosol‘s pasted stencil in China check this out

Jam It! Jam It!



made me a real impression as it was total disruption from bucharest. as no one is in a hurry there, all is cool, you can’t feel lost or alone you can’t feel haressed and there’s always something going on. therefore, i had some really busy days in brussels. i left on feb 3rd and i […]

[text translation] i live. in bucharest and i heard people laugh at you. if you pass on the red light of the semaphore… in vienna.

Face 2 Face


For a third successive day Israeli planes have launched bombing raids on Gaza and according to Palestinian officials the number of dead has risen to around 300. The conflict rose less than a week after the expiry of a six-month-long ceasefire deal with Hamas – the militant movement which controls Gaza. In these days becomes […]