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Originally uploaded by irina` Within the Romanian National Theatre Festival on Wednesday, Nov 4th & on Thursday, Nov 5th at 10pm, LUNI Theater has scheduled “The Concrete”. Its plot is simple: three young people in a futuristic Moscow go out for a night of clubbing involving repeated visits to the “Literary Archives”, virtual-reality spaces where […]

Naturally following the director’s interest in community theater, Make Room! is the expression of the revolt of a generation against an incompetent state apparatus that is indifferent to ordinary people’s problems – in this case, the serious problem of losing one’s dwelling as a result of the enforcement of the Property Law. Using as an […]

starting with 8pm for more information check the photographs taken during the premiere & theater critic Mihaela Michailov’s review

gui – scump hao chi -gustos hen gao xing – cu placere Cinty & Marius Damian in Concretii Vladimir Sorokin (scriitor rus nacut in 1955, autorul unor romane virulent politice) boxeaza viitorul. Si-o face cu toti muschii verbali proiectivi. Sorokin imagineaza lumi in care cele mai traznite inventii tehnice si lingvistice concentreaza foldere de umanitate […]

Dupa repetitiile din noiembrie, premiera si reprezentatiile din decembrie, CONCRETII revine la Teatrul Luni de la Green Hours: LUNI, 12 ianuarie 2009 de la 20.00h JOI, 15 ianuarie 2009 de la 20.00h “Concreţii” după Vladimir Sorokin, cu un prolog de Jiddu Krishnamurti. Regizorul piesei, Alexandru Mihăescu: “dacă în lumea de astăzi există o revenire puternică […]

2 more shows @ Teatrul Luni de la Green Hours : tonight (tuesday, dec 9th) and tomorrow (wednesday, dec 10th) than again in 2009 big big ups & thanks to the designer of the year in Romania, Carmen Secareanu who is responsible for the costumes we’re wearing in the play. Cinty & Marius Damian photo […]

Mon, Dec 8th starting with 8pm Tue, Dec 9th starting with 8pm Wed Dec 10th, starting with 8pm and than again in January & February 2009 Concretnye, a theater play by Vladimir Sorokin Distribution: Andreea Bibiri, Marius Damian, Katia Pascariu Video Installation: Cinty Ionescu Costumes: Carmen Secareanu Assistant Director: Bogdan Dragoi Artistic Director: Alexandru Mihaescu […]