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starting with 8pm for more information check the photographs taken during the premiere & theater critic Mihaela Michailov’s review Advertisements

I’m back in Bucharest from Brussels & Amsterdam [in a later post I’ll get to that too] and I need to get ready for an intense period: tomorrow [Thu, Feb 12th] I’m VJ-ing with Brum Conspiracy, than I need to rehearse & shot some for the Concretii theater play – the show will take place […]

gui – scump hao chi -gustos hen gao xing – cu placere Cinty & Marius Damian in Concretii Vladimir Sorokin (scriitor rus nacut in 1955, autorul unor romane virulent politice) boxeaza viitorul. Si-o face cu toti muschii verbali proiectivi. Sorokin imagineaza lumi in care cele mai traznite inventii tehnice si lingvistice concentreaza foldere de umanitate […]

Dupa repetitiile din noiembrie, premiera si reprezentatiile din decembrie, CONCRETII revine la Teatrul Luni de la Green Hours: LUNI, 12 ianuarie 2009 de la 20.00h JOI, 15 ianuarie 2009 de la 20.00h “Concreţii” după Vladimir Sorokin, cu un prolog de Jiddu Krishnamurti. Regizorul piesei, Alexandru Mihăescu: “dacă în lumea de astăzi există o revenire puternică […]

2 more shows @ Teatrul Luni de la Green Hours : tonight (tuesday, dec 9th) and tomorrow (wednesday, dec 10th) than again in 2009 big big ups & thanks to the designer of the year in Romania, Carmen Secareanu who is responsible for the costumes we’re wearing in the play. Cinty & Marius Damian photo […]

i am preparing a video installation for CONCRETII [Conretnye] a theater play written by post-modernist russian writer vladimir sorokin and directed by alex mihaescu. in this photo is katia pescariu, one of the actresses. the other is andreea bibiri. the male character is interpreted by marius damian. available to the public: beginning of december @ […]